Friday, 15 August 2014

Insteada going outside, I played this #5

Fallout 3, Xbox360/PC, Bethesda

Even after blasting Oblivion like a lunatic, I wasn't prepared for the glorious and absurd lunacy of Fallout 3. Or the sheer scale of it. Or being befriended by a Super Mutant called Fawkes who would steal all my Advancement Points, slipping in the killing bullet, while happily screaming "I WIN AGAIN!"... I loved Fawkes too much to execute him/her (he/she made those bunker runs a hoot).

I've never found the doggie companion. I don't like dogs, they look at you with dead eyes, so I'd probably shoot it for a laugh if I did find it... Shooting a digital dog ISN'T REAL - so don't judge me because I'd *probably* headshot a digital canine... Judge me if I shot it and teabag'd it for half an hour and put it on YouTube, then I have problems.

I purchased Fallout 3 on December 19th, 2009 - I know this because I still have the receipt.

I didn't see daylight until February 2010 - I know this because my family tried to get me committed.

Best New Year EVER.

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